Cirrus Networks lands a big contract with Crown Casino

Cirrus Network’s dream has finally become true. The Australian IT service provider has managed to land a large managed services contract with Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth. They have agreed to a five year, $2.5 million contract. Cirrus Network will manage data networks, as well as voice infrastructure at the two gambling establishments and entertainment complexes, in an effort to reach performance, business continuity, and availability goals.

Crown Melbourne resort has a casino, 3 hotels, rooms for formal social gatherings, restaurants, and shopping and entertainment facilities. As far as Crown Perth is concerned, the resort and casino have a convention center, theater, and 2 ballrooms.

The Australian IT service provider submitted their competitive bid and, as a result, they won the tender. They offered the Crown a money-saving solution that supports the activities occurring on a daily basis. The solution enables the supervision and management of the networks in line with availability targets. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the publicly listed company won the managed services contract. The IT service provider will commence upon completion of the transition.

Cirrus is more than happy with the result. Cirrus Networks is thrilled to have won the bidding and become a business partner with Crown Casino. Matt Sullivan, chief executive at the company, publicly stated that they are very eager to collaborate with what he called “Australia’s largest entertainment groups”. According to the CEO, the managed services agreement proves once again that Cirrus is capable of providing cutting-edge solutions and to deliver meaningful value to their clients.

It is interesting to note that this year alone Cirrus Networks has seized many opportunities. A striking example is the $1.6 deal to supply networking hardware and IT maintenance support to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, doing business through their subsidiary, Correct Communications, a systems integrator headquartered in Canberra. Cirrus bought the company back in November 2017. At the beginning of this year, i.e. in January, the IT service provider closed a deal with Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, providing some or all the network, voice communication, and IP solutions required.

All in all, the company has managed to bring in more money, increasing their profit by 176% by means of acquisition, increasing output, and enhancing internal sales. They have succeeded in reaching $52.9 in the last financial year. Cirrus Networks is a company that works together with businesses so as to understand their needs and wants. With a team of high-quality employees, they are able to concentrate on creative value solutions for clients. The solutions that they implement are economical and ensure an operational gain.

Cirrus Networks provides a variety of services, including but not limited to a data center and cloud, storage, data management, end-user computing, business continuity, and IT management. The Melbourne-based IT service provider has acquired many clients, particularly due to excellent service and innovative solutions, winning many awards along the way. It is interesting to see what they will do in the future. Maybe they will become number one in the world of enterprise managed services.



New investments are planned for Queensland

Queensland is known for the initiatives they take in order to improve the economics of the territory. So there is no surprise that they decided to bring the world’s most well-known investors in casino industry to the region in an attempt to improve the state’s finances. The officials of the eastern Australian state decided to reach the representatives of the most noticeable casino brands from Macau and Las Vegas in order to understand how they can successfully invest in this domain. They know that the best strategy to attract casino operators to Australia is to travel to the City of Lights, meet with the casino companies and present them the benefits they will have if they will choose to invest in Queensland. Queensland will be represented by Kate Jones when the delegates will travel to Las Vegas and Macau. She is the Queensland Tourism Minister, so she is the right person to negotiate with casino operators.

During the official visit, Jones and her team plan to get in touch with representatives of companies as MGM Resorts International and Caesar Entertainment, because they want to collaborate with great brands in order to improve the effectiveness of the tourism strategies they are using at the present moment. They want to bring famous casino names to Queensland because in this way they will attract a higher number of tourists who will opt for longer vacations. If tourists stay longer then they will spend more money and they will facilitate job creation. This is an initiative that will increase the number of jobs for the locals so it is saluted by officials from all around Australia.

Jones stated that she got in touch with some of the world’s biggest brands, and they are willing to invest here, but before deciding what operators will establish their businesses here, the Minister has to make sure that they will choose the best opportunities for the locals. Nowadays the monopoly on casino operations in Australia is held by the Star Entertainment Group Limited. This company not only that owns but also operates some great hotels and casinos in Australia, The Star, in Sydney, The Star Gold coast, on the Gold coast and the Treasury Casino and Hotel in Brisbane.

The same group also operates the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition center on the side of Queensland officials. Alongside Star Entertainment Group Limited, the officials of Queensland plan to bring new names both in Cairns and on the Gold Coast. They have as main goal to bring to Australia operators that are able to provide integrated solutions. It is crucial for the economics of the region the casino resorts to also offer restaurants, hotels and entertainment spaces. It is important to say that Jones is not supported by all officials of the state, some politicians argue her choices. Some people consider that the trip Jones takes is not for official reasons but for personal ones, and she will only use the state’s funds to pay for her trip to Las Vegas. In order to defend herself, she told Nine Network that famous entertainment companies have contacted her because they want to invest in Queensland and she wants to make sure that the region will have only benefits if they choose to collaborate.

JustBet Faces Ban in Australia

Many years passed from the time when JustBet started to operate in Australia, but now it faces an imminent ban. This ban comes on the heels of the revelation that JustBet is not a registered betting organization in the country. The ban will not be painful as the fact that so many people have trusted this betting platform. Australians find JustBet as the go-to for top-tier games. Also, results show that betting returns on the betting platform are always huge because deals are done in cryptocurrency. That is in addition to the fact that deals can also be carried out in the US dollars.

JustBet took Australian government for a fool

What angers the Australian authorities is that JustBet is working under false registration in the country. And as such is operating with a fake front. The Australians feel that they have been fooled for so long. However, it is not connected to the fact that JustBet’s registration was made with Christmas Island Domain Administration (CIDA), an Australian domain administrator of ‘ex’ addresses. CIDA is an Australian company. The faux pas was that JustBet was being registered with CIDA through an IP by a Panamanian and traced to Costa Rica. The Australian authorities became furious not only that JustBet was operating under pretense but also was never registered at all. There were no traces of registration with any licensing authorities in Australia.

What makes JustBet different

Many things differentiate JustBet from other betting platforms. Some of those things are that it streams live betting on the Australian sports like the Australian Football League (AFL), the AFLX, and the A-League. JustBet also offers live and pre-match betting for many international sports.

A ban on JustBet will not be just a hard hit on the betting world. This will also be a knock on thrive of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency hasn’t become mainstream like the traditional money. One of the ways of normalizing and strengthening cryptocurrency is introducing such platforms like JustBet. So now, it is clear that hit on JustBet is just a hit on the cryptocurrency world.

Shutting down of JustBet

The Australian online gambling regulator, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), said that it would begin full investigations into the JustBet operations. And bad news, under the new Australian law, ACMA can wield its full wrath on any illegal online gambling activity. A vociferous voice against this kind of illegal activity, Mr.Wilkie, condemned JustBet in a very strong term.

With JustBet going down, there are rumors that CloudBet, an equally online gaming platform, will take over. CloudBet has always been a strong competitor of JustBet. Now the war is fighting against JustBet shutdown. Mr.Wilkie called for this when he said:”The site should be shut down immediately, and the Christmas Island Domain Administration should act straight away to remedy the situation.” However Christmas Island Domain Administration is hesitant on shutting it down, claiming that they have not broken the law in any way while registering JustBet. The company also stated that it could operate until the authority files a formal complaint against the platform.

Mr Green’s Gaming Tool – Proactive Predictive Tool

Mr Green, an online leading gaming operator, based out of Sweden has recently launched the “Green Gaming Predictive Tool.” This tool offers complete gambling solution, and punters get an insight about their gaming habits.

Mr. Green has decided to implement the gaming tool in UK market first. Based on the player’s gambling behavior, they will assess about the trouble in gambling.

They have also planned to understand the actual behavior of customers during gambling by completing a survey. Based on the results, they will announce the unhealthy and healthy gaming habits.

Birth of The Predictive Tool?

Mr Green felt that playing provides both opportunity and challenge. Gaming industry always offers entertainment and fun for its players, but with a risk associated with it. Mr Green wanted to make playing safe and started thinking about real playing.

In continuation to that thought, Mr Green started thinking in lines of knowing the player’s psychology. They did not want just to make money. Then they came up with an idea to deploy a CRM – Customer Relationship Management System.

As a result, Green Gaming Predictive Tool was born that allows the player to track their performance using a speedometer continuously. The color Green in the speedometer indicates a limited risk, and red color warns that player’s gaming habit is moving towards risk.

Underlying Concept behind “Green Gaming Predictive Tool”

  • First, must know about the gambling customers.
  • The tool will detect the risk involved for players in specific areas.
  • Green will inform players about the Risky behavior demonstrated by them.
  • Going one step forward, Mr Green will encourage players to go slow and stay away from accessing their accounts for a while.

Sustainable Interaction and Mr Green has joined hands to make the gambling tool as a responsible gaming tool.

How Does the Tool Works?

  • It allows the customers to observe their behavior by completing few self-evaluation tests.
  • The questions in the assessment test will kindle their thought and make them understand their playing pattern.
  • It helps them to carry out a comprehensive analysis about their gaming habit.
  • The thought-provoking analysis is based on Volume, Change, Intensity, and Risk.
  • Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, the model gets calibrated.
  • Addition of more data will significantly improve the data’s quality.

Purpose for launching Green Gaming Tool

  • Green Gaming assists players to set a control and tighten their seat belts.
  • The organization can understand the customers in various aspects and just not their finances.
  • The new tool will provide a sports-book to the online casino players in the future.
  • The tool will enable players to take the right decisions at the time of playing.
  • Above all, the sole purpose of any game should be to offer joy and safety.
  • The launch of Green Gaming Predictive Tool is to eliminate the risks involved completely.

Yes, this Predictive Green Gaming tool reminds players of their limits and makes them conscious before they move forward. Now, the customers must get the most out of it to have all the fun and protect from any threats.