New social betting games introduced by SportsCaller and Sportsbet partnership

Free-to-play sports games grow in popularity, and two big players in the industry are ready to sign another partnership in this regard.

By prolonging the contract with Sportsbet, Sportscaller introduced to their clients a series of social betting games, games that are due to satisfy the client’s passion for two of the most loved sports across Australia: rugby and football. The localized titles will offer jackpots that pass AU$350,000 (US$263,480). Sportscaller claimed that these games are developed to help the company increase the acquisition and retention potential.

Initially, the two corporations had a deal to supply the Melbourne-based Sportsbet with a free game, based on the US National Basketball League, but due to the incredible success, it was shortly re-commissioned to develop games and titles based on the sports with a high attraction to the Australian public. The games will involve rules and regulations of the Australian rugby and football league. The goal of the two collaborators is to also increase betting rates amongst the Australian public. The games will be developed in such a fashion to be easy to integrate on bookmaker’s apps. This will provide the two companies an increased “organic cross-sale”.

Such additions in bookmarker’s app inventory are due to broaden the audience, increase betting and retention rates. As the games are developed based on some of the most popular national games, this perspective is an attainable and realistic one; both casual and dedicated betters responded positively to the first FTP game.

SportsCaller’s representative, Cillian Barry, claimed that the game developer’s database is a highly flexible and adaptable one, being one of the pioneers in the free-to-play jackpot game industry. The Managing Director also described the company’s decision as a “no-brainer”, is the only logical step that the company could take regarding the collaboration of the two. What may seem like an ambitious project, the decision was based on the incredible performance results that appeared as the first partnership between SportsCaller and Sportsbet ended. Higher retention rates, higher bets, these all were palpable results of the development and implementation of the first FTP game.

The prediction game industry is a flourishing one, and the NBA-based game developed by the experts at SportsCaller hooked the Australian public, as the games allow players to make live-bets, seamlessly integrated into the games. But the company’s visionary projects don’t end here. The developer also launched a series of World Cup prediction games that allow players to answer a series of betting-related questions and win prizes. Also, the bet prompts will allow players to convert that prizes into real money.

The final project aims to include all the games into a single Sportsbet app. This is expected to generate a higher revenue for both companies, as an increased number of options will encourage active betting, even from casual player’s side.

Should we expect even more similar collaborations? Most certainly, if the current partnership will deliver the expected results. Regardless, FTP games have an incredible potential, boosting bookmaker’s profits, as proven in this particular case.